Girl child

Just because am a girl child , I won’t live to your expectations

Just believe that a girl child can rise in the highest celebrations and know that a girl child can see the best in every situation. A nation without girls is like a river without a source .

Say no to rape ………say no to fgm …..fight for girl child …..



description of a poet 

Who is a poet ????

A person who is an amalgamation of countless thoughts and expressions,
A person who portrays many things by virtue of his imaginations.

A person who is a book with chapters of topics of many kinds,
A person who has a skill to somehow capture everyone’s minds.

A person who is capable of conveying the most unpleasant feelings in a pleasant way,
A person who is able to juggle the words like the players taking part on the field of play.

A person who is born to express himself with his own approach,
A person who writes from his heart but doesn’t care much for any sort of applause.

A person endowed with poetry’s inborn knack,
A person who can make you laugh infinitely and can also make your heart shake.

A person who is a novel with many chapters,
A person who writes when the ocean of his ideas ruptures.

A person whose sole tool is his pen,
A person who with his pen, elucidates everything that is thought of by all women and men.

Her mind is full of things unsaid …

A shameful past she holds ,running down her veins as blood  ,so much pain she carries like the untold stories …but its her reality she ought be used to darkness since childhood ……
By the day as she walks
Her first and last line of defense, it is
The only one she knows of
Against the salivating hard men
Who undress her with their hungry eyes
Shamelessly knowing she is vulnerable

A submissive pose she chose
As she enters inside the house
Powerful it seems at a glance, but it isn’t
Against the incoming abuses of her guardian
Or one who is supposed to be
“A woman by gender but a tyrant
Gentle facade her hallmark
But inside, inside she is worse
Far more than those men”

Silence her best friend
The only one she knows
As midnight is marked by the bell’s toll
As she stands alone unfazed by the cold
Waiting, standing for someone to approach her
To rent the body, that is not her own,anymore
Anymore to do so as she wants
But as a commodity for the man who comes first
To be used for dirty money from his uncalloused hands
To sate his lust, that selfish hidden lust that he has

Silence with which so this life she lives
Not because she cannot talk
Not because her voice is rough
But because! Because!! she has no desire to
Confirm with her voice
That no one loves her for who she is
But lust after the beautiful body she is gifted with
That no one understands her strength
That strength, they think it to be her weakness
Her silence
Patient calm indifferent
That perfect silence
Armor against dreams
She no more dreams
Dreams of blissful freedom
Gone for good
All remains
With a will of its own
That silence

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shes a rainbow bt hes colour blind !!!

Shes hoping to turn things around

She sat there with the pills in her hand
And wanted to die, but nobody would understand.
She wiped her eyes and started to cry.
It would take every ounce of her being to say goodbye.

Every pill she swallows, down goes another sip of her drink.
She wants to do it the quick way so it doesn’t give her time to think.
The lights are off and darkness surrounds her place.
She doesn’t feel good about herself, she’s just another pretty face.

Everytime she looks into the mirror, it’s not her face she would see.
The voices get louder as she counts to one, two, three.
Nobody would understand her as she swallows down the pills.
The voices become much louder, as they whisper ” why not kill.”
She drinks down her last sip of wine
She’s not feeling very fine.
Weakness, is her biggest fear
Voices is what she’s hears.
Loneliness makes her feel down
She’s hoping that things may turn around.
Every pill she takes brings her closer to the ground.
She’s hoping that things could one day turn around.

beautiful legend 

She’s a legend ….

Let me tell you a story about this girl who used to believe in herself.
She failed the system, walking around with a broken heart and a spiraling mental health.
She used to shine in front of everyone.
Now she appears to be beat up and shes never any fun.

Her dark hair and eyes used to glow.
Now she’s a walking zombie with ragged clothes that need to be sewn.
She threw away the meds that made her sane.
Now she’s a walking time bomb, the explosion is in her brain.
She smokes weed to come back to life.
She’s a junkie, going through sorrow and strife.
She needs to be on the right kind of meds, to associate in this life.

Her beauty was in her voice, she used to sing all the time.
Now her voice is getting raspy from all that weed and stress, this is a crime!
She used to be so beautiful, now she’s fallen over the edge again.
All the rags she wears don’t make her look any better, she needs a friend.
Nobody wants to be seen with her, she’s always in a manic mood.
She spirals out of control and throws away her food.
Her illness is getting the best of her, she screams that nobody understands.
The closest person to her will take her by the hand.
Her eyes roll back, here comes another attack.
She shakes severely, a hospital is where she needs to be.
The walls cave in, she wants to be free.
A knife in her hand, she cuts to feel no pain.
This spiral effect, is leaving her insane.
Loneliness surrounds her in every way.
She believes that love is not for her, because no man would dare to stay.
Loneliness, surrounds her in every way.

I have so much to die for than wat I live for!

Death is sweet I tell you dearest 

In death no more pain ….

Life hurts a lot more then death because when you die, you don’t feel anymore pain.
In life, you go through journeys, life is linked by chains.
Some links are good while others could be bad.
You could end this journey feeling proud or feeling mad.

Life will keep on going until you die.
Pain won’t stop, until your heart gives up on you.
When your dead everyone else around you will cry.
But you will feel nothing, life will feel the pain that is true.
That’s what happens when you die.
Did you ever wonder why?

In life you have an existence to carry on.
In death your body let’s go because you couldn’t be strong.
Babies are born, then the elders let go.
It’s just part of human nature everyone should know.
When you die you stop feeling pain.
Life goes on, it’s so insane.
We need to be strong for whatever journey life takes us on.
Because one day, death has won!

he is my every word i write down!

You are my spell

You were on my mind when I woke up this morning.
Remembering your smile
I guess the next time I’ll see your face
Might take a little while.

I was remembering your arms around me
The way they always felt warm
And having you right by my side
I completely felt no harm.

I was remembering your voice
It makes my heart skip a beat
but without you my love
my body feels so weak.

I was remembering our times
all the good and bad
the funny times you cheered me up
and especially the sad.

I was remembering your eyes
how they always meet mine
remembering all the things you do
to make my life worthwhile.

I was wondering when we’ll be together
when it will be just us two
I guess I’m just missing you
more than I usually do.

How i miss my Amor!!

I miss you
it hurts to think of everything we went through
I wish you could see my heart
I hate that we’re apart
I cry for your touch
Baby i miss you so much
you’ve changed into someone i dont know
Remember when you told me you’d never let go?
What happened between you and i
i remember the nights we’d lay there and look at the sky
the point is i miss you
and i want to kiss you
I wish i could rewind time
and make you mine
But theres no way of getting you back
and now your just one thing in life that i lack
I dont know why things are like this
but i just wanted to tell you that its you that i really miss.