Who is a poet ????

A person who is an amalgamation of countless thoughts and expressions,
A person who portrays many things by virtue of his imaginations.

A person who is a book with chapters of topics of many kinds,
A person who has a skill to somehow capture everyone’s minds.

A person who is capable of conveying the most unpleasant feelings in a pleasant way,
A person who is able to juggle the words like the players taking part on the field of play.

A person who is born to express himself with his own approach,
A person who writes from his heart but doesn’t care much for any sort of applause.

A person endowed with poetry’s inborn knack,
A person who can make you laugh infinitely and can also make your heart shake.

A person who is a novel with many chapters,
A person who writes when the ocean of his ideas ruptures.

A person whose sole tool is his pen,
A person who with his pen, elucidates everything that is thought of by all women and men.

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