A shameful past she holds ,running down her veins as blood  ,so much pain she carries like the untold stories …but its her reality she ought be used to darkness since childhood ……
By the day as she walks
Her first and last line of defense, it is
The only one she knows of
Against the salivating hard men
Who undress her with their hungry eyes
Shamelessly knowing she is vulnerable

A submissive pose she chose
As she enters inside the house
Powerful it seems at a glance, but it isn’t
Against the incoming abuses of her guardian
Or one who is supposed to be
“A woman by gender but a tyrant
Gentle facade her hallmark
But inside, inside she is worse
Far more than those men”

Silence her best friend
The only one she knows
As midnight is marked by the bell’s toll
As she stands alone unfazed by the cold
Waiting, standing for someone to approach her
To rent the body, that is not her own,anymore
Anymore to do so as she wants
But as a commodity for the man who comes first
To be used for dirty money from his uncalloused hands
To sate his lust, that selfish hidden lust that he has

Silence with which so this life she lives
Not because she cannot talk
Not because her voice is rough
But because! Because!! she has no desire to
Confirm with her voice
That no one loves her for who she is
But lust after the beautiful body she is gifted with
That no one understands her strength
That strength, they think it to be her weakness
Her silence
Patient calm indifferent
That perfect silence
Armor against dreams
She no more dreams
Dreams of blissful freedom
Gone for good
All remains
With a will of its own
That silence

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