I have so much to die for than wat I live for!

Death is sweet I tell you dearest 

In death no more pain ….

Life hurts a lot more then death because when you die, you don’t feel anymore pain.
In life, you go through journeys, life is linked by chains.
Some links are good while others could be bad.
You could end this journey feeling proud or feeling mad.

Life will keep on going until you die.
Pain won’t stop, until your heart gives up on you.
When your dead everyone else around you will cry.
But you will feel nothing, life will feel the pain that is true.
That’s what happens when you die.
Did you ever wonder why?

In life you have an existence to carry on.
In death your body let’s go because you couldn’t be strong.
Babies are born, then the elders let go.
It’s just part of human nature everyone should know.
When you die you stop feeling pain.
Life goes on, it’s so insane.
We need to be strong for whatever journey life takes us on.
Because one day, death has won!


he is my every word i write down!

You are my spell

You were on my mind when I woke up this morning.
Remembering your smile
I guess the next time I’ll see your face
Might take a little while.

I was remembering your arms around me
The way they always felt warm
And having you right by my side
I completely felt no harm.

I was remembering your voice
It makes my heart skip a beat
but without you my love
my body feels so weak.

I was remembering our times
all the good and bad
the funny times you cheered me up
and especially the sad.

I was remembering your eyes
how they always meet mine
remembering all the things you do
to make my life worthwhile.

I was wondering when we’ll be together
when it will be just us two
I guess I’m just missing you
more than I usually do.

How i miss my Amor!!

I miss you
it hurts to think of everything we went through
I wish you could see my heart
I hate that we’re apart
I cry for your touch
Baby i miss you so much
you’ve changed into someone i dont know
Remember when you told me you’d never let go?
What happened between you and i
i remember the nights we’d lay there and look at the sky
the point is i miss you
and i want to kiss you
I wish i could rewind time
and make you mine
But theres no way of getting you back
and now your just one thing in life that i lack
I dont know why things are like this
but i just wanted to tell you that its you that i really miss.

Broken !!!

I loved you so much,
I didn’t care what others said.
When people said your un-loyal
I’d stare and rock my head.

Than you did it too me,
You slept with my best mate.
I felt really betrayed,
My head was filled with anger and hate.

I honestly can say now,
I wanted to kill the both of you.
I also wanted to say,
I could really tell, I knew.

But I trusted you,
I trusted her as well.
But now I couldn’t care less.
what stupid stories you tell.

You told me it wasn’t true
than you changed what you said.
I really really hate you
I want to bust your head.

But everything’s ok now.
We have both moved apart
Treat this new girl better
She has given you her heart

I beg you heart !!!

Dear heart please stop breaking
please forget the one who caused this aching
I know I am the one who placed him there
But he was not true and I cannot share
When I gave him my heart he promised the world
But that promise he shared with more than one girl
Dear heart do you think that you will ever heal
and piece back together what I allowed him to steal
How will I ever fall in love again
Dear heart will you ever let anyone else in-Cheating Poems

Cheated on

I lived thru the tears
I lived thru the pain
I lived with a man
Spoke harsh words everyday
I will never be
I am nothing
I am water
Not his blood
I thought I was his friend
I thought I was his best friend
I thought I was his wife
He told me
Soon I will be nothing
Attempting arguments
To cruel punishments
Choosing another woman over his wife
To take home from all night party
Live with thru the verbal
Lived with thru the physical
Lived with thru the mental
Lived thru the being pulled by car
From the extensions pulled in my hair
He call me crazy
I can get assistance
Need help I’m sick
All I lived with
To praying silently
Bible in hand daily
Heading to church Wednesday and Sunday
Said to me in to stay in, the devil in me
Too late night cheating
Late night creeping
Late night texting
His ways he disrespecting
Telling me he leaving
Threaten me, he’ll leave me
Coming home drinking
Left with nothing
20 dollars in my pocket
Left me feeling less of a woman
Had no one but me and pity
All is over, glad it been over
It’s the scars, the memories
I lived….

Oh AmorĀ 

How I miss you !!!

I Miss Your Laugh
I Miss Your Smile,
I Haven’t Seen You For Awhile.
I Miss Your Eyes;
I Miss Your Lips.
I Miss The Touch Of Your Fingertips
I Miss All The Things We Use To Do.
But Most Of All I Just Miss You….