Broken !!!

I loved you so much,
I didn’t care what others said.
When people said your un-loyal
I’d stare and rock my head.

Than you did it too me,
You slept with my best mate.
I felt really betrayed,
My head was filled with anger and hate.

I honestly can say now,
I wanted to kill the both of you.
I also wanted to say,
I could really tell, I knew.

But I trusted you,
I trusted her as well.
But now I couldn’t care less.
what stupid stories you tell.

You told me it wasn’t true
than you changed what you said.
I really really hate you
I want to bust your head.

But everything’s ok now.
We have both moved apart
Treat this new girl better
She has given you her heart

I beg you heart !!!

Dear heart please stop breaking
please forget the one who caused this aching
I know I am the one who placed him there
But he was not true and I cannot share
When I gave him my heart he promised the world
But that promise he shared with more than one girl
Dear heart do you think that you will ever heal
and piece back together what I allowed him to steal
How will I ever fall in love again
Dear heart will you ever let anyone else in-Cheating Poems

Cheated on

I lived thru the tears
I lived thru the pain
I lived with a man
Spoke harsh words everyday
I will never be
I am nothing
I am water
Not his blood
I thought I was his friend
I thought I was his best friend
I thought I was his wife
He told me
Soon I will be nothing
Attempting arguments
To cruel punishments
Choosing another woman over his wife
To take home from all night party
Live with thru the verbal
Lived with thru the physical
Lived with thru the mental
Lived thru the being pulled by car
From the extensions pulled in my hair
He call me crazy
I can get assistance
Need help I’m sick
All I lived with
To praying silently
Bible in hand daily
Heading to church Wednesday and Sunday
Said to me in to stay in, the devil in me
Too late night cheating
Late night creeping
Late night texting
His ways he disrespecting
Telling me he leaving
Threaten me, he’ll leave me
Coming home drinking
Left with nothing
20 dollars in my pocket
Left me feeling less of a woman
Had no one but me and pity
All is over, glad it been over
It’s the scars, the memories
I lived….

Oh Amor 

How I miss you !!!

I Miss Your Laugh
I Miss Your Smile,
I Haven’t Seen You For Awhile.
I Miss Your Eyes;
I Miss Your Lips.
I Miss The Touch Of Your Fingertips
I Miss All The Things We Use To Do.
But Most Of All I Just Miss You….

Love fucked her 

You said I was wrong
But I saw it with my eye’s
It’s just like some sad love song
Your word are nothing but lies
You said you love me
But that too was a lie
You really hurt me
So lets just say good bye

Wash away my dreams 

Every small piece of my life
Is a rainy day
I look into each moment with sorrow
Just as I look out my window at the rain on my doorstep

My soul dies in the rain, without her
Waiting, and willing never to rise again
For why live, for nothing, but the cold
And the wet
And the wind

I wish the rain would soak in through my skin
And soften me
Dissolve me
Into the ground, never to rise

Never again to wake
Never again to see
Never again to know
Never again to feel

For such is the wet, cold sorrow
Of loosing the only one who cared


there is so many things i wanna say…

But I know this can’t wait for another day.
Trying so hard to find the words to put it through…
I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m still in love with you.
My colors were bright but now they shine so dim,
After everything he’s done I still miss him.
I miss his warm hands and his soft lips.
I miss the feeling of his fingertips.
I’ve finally stopped crying for what once was,
But I still miss him and everything he does.


Painful night 

I promise to never fall in love again all my life  ,please heart I beg you let this be the last time I hurt  this is damn painful ,I knew but accepting was hard I was born to be a loner …..

I will always remember the night when i said goodbye.
The night you decided to throw away everything we had.
The night you opened my eyes to the world of sorrow.
The night you ended what I had worked so hard to save.

I will always remember the lonely nights that were to follow.
The nights where I lay awake, thinking of you.
The nights I cried, blaming myself for what went wrong.
The nights I wished for you to come back, and tell me everything would be okay.

I will always remember the nights spent together.
The nights when you loved me more than anything.
The nights when you hated having to say goodbye.
The nights when just being with you was enough to make me happy.

I will always remember the way you smelled,
and the way you cared for me.
I will always remember your warm embrace,
and your gentle touch.