Shes hoping to turn things around

She sat there with the pills in her hand
And wanted to die, but nobody would understand.
She wiped her eyes and started to cry.
It would take every ounce of her being to say goodbye.

Every pill she swallows, down goes another sip of her drink.
She wants to do it the quick way so it doesn’t give her time to think.
The lights are off and darkness surrounds her place.
She doesn’t feel good about herself, she’s just another pretty face.

Everytime she looks into the mirror, it’s not her face she would see.
The voices get louder as she counts to one, two, three.
Nobody would understand her as she swallows down the pills.
The voices become much louder, as they whisper ” why not kill.”
She drinks down her last sip of wine
She’s not feeling very fine.
Weakness, is her biggest fear
Voices is what she’s hears.
Loneliness makes her feel down
She’s hoping that things may turn around.
Every pill she takes brings her closer to the ground.
She’s hoping that things could one day turn around.

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