She’s a legend ….

Let me tell you a story about this girl who used to believe in herself.
She failed the system, walking around with a broken heart and a spiraling mental health.
She used to shine in front of everyone.
Now she appears to be beat up and shes never any fun.

Her dark hair and eyes used to glow.
Now she’s a walking zombie with ragged clothes that need to be sewn.
She threw away the meds that made her sane.
Now she’s a walking time bomb, the explosion is in her brain.
She smokes weed to come back to life.
She’s a junkie, going through sorrow and strife.
She needs to be on the right kind of meds, to associate in this life.

Her beauty was in her voice, she used to sing all the time.
Now her voice is getting raspy from all that weed and stress, this is a crime!
She used to be so beautiful, now she’s fallen over the edge again.
All the rags she wears don’t make her look any better, she needs a friend.
Nobody wants to be seen with her, she’s always in a manic mood.
She spirals out of control and throws away her food.
Her illness is getting the best of her, she screams that nobody understands.
The closest person to her will take her by the hand.
Her eyes roll back, here comes another attack.
She shakes severely, a hospital is where she needs to be.
The walls cave in, she wants to be free.
A knife in her hand, she cuts to feel no pain.
This spiral effect, is leaving her insane.
Loneliness surrounds her in every way.
She believes that love is not for her, because no man would dare to stay.
Loneliness, surrounds her in every way.

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