Death is sweet I tell you dearest 

In death no more pain ….

Life hurts a lot more then death because when you die, you don’t feel anymore pain.
In life, you go through journeys, life is linked by chains.
Some links are good while others could be bad.
You could end this journey feeling proud or feeling mad.

Life will keep on going until you die.
Pain won’t stop, until your heart gives up on you.
When your dead everyone else around you will cry.
But you will feel nothing, life will feel the pain that is true.
That’s what happens when you die.
Did you ever wonder why?

In life you have an existence to carry on.
In death your body let’s go because you couldn’t be strong.
Babies are born, then the elders let go.
It’s just part of human nature everyone should know.
When you die you stop feeling pain.
Life goes on, it’s so insane.
We need to be strong for whatever journey life takes us on.
Because one day, death has won!

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