I lived thru the tears
I lived thru the pain
I lived with a man
Spoke harsh words everyday
I will never be
I am nothing
I am water
Not his blood
I thought I was his friend
I thought I was his best friend
I thought I was his wife
He told me
Soon I will be nothing
Attempting arguments
To cruel punishments
Choosing another woman over his wife
To take home from all night party
Live with thru the verbal
Lived with thru the physical
Lived with thru the mental
Lived thru the being pulled by car
From the extensions pulled in my hair
He call me crazy
I can get assistance
Need help I’m sick
All I lived with
To praying silently
Bible in hand daily
Heading to church Wednesday and Sunday
Said to me in to stay in, the devil in me
Too late night cheating
Late night creeping
Late night texting
His ways he disrespecting
Telling me he leaving
Threaten me, he’ll leave me
Coming home drinking
Left with nothing
20 dollars in my pocket
Left me feeling less of a woman
Had no one but me and pity
All is over, glad it been over
It’s the scars, the memories
I lived….


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