Let me look at you in the eyes just for this day
Let me hear every thought you have for today
And as I slowly sink in to your mind,
May I, the deepest emotions in you, find.

Let me watch every little thing that you do today
The smile, the wrinkle in those eyes while you look my way
Let me feel the joy of being with you once again
And cherish each precious moment while we still can.

Let me hug you tightly one last time just for this day
And feel my heart beat for you as we gently sway
With the soft music that only our hearts can hear,
Hold me tight so I could somehow forget all my fears.

Let me touch your face softly with my hands this way
As I softly whisper in your ears how you make my day
Watch me close my eyes as teardrops start to fall,
And know that through these years, you are still my all.

Let me feel your hands along with mine lastly for today
Let no one else distract us nor ever get in our way
As I tell you gently how much you’ve always meant to me
And break down as I whisper that we could never be.



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