You faked her death why ???????
Just Let tell me what
Happened after Kampala
I know but it hurts you keep it
I thot you loved me truly

I still remember how you came back
I sensed all was not well cause
You seemed weird Amor
What hurts is that you lied

I know she exists somewhere in a rehab ,but why lie ? Am I that ugly ?
Am I wrong for thinking that we could
Have something for real?

I’ve been hurt so much and you know
But I know love is not forced
I wish I was her someone to love me
That much but I will exit your life forever

I never thought you would lie
Because I love you I will do you a favour in time , I will exit your life
I won’t complicate things I promise

I thought you are not like him
But I understand now I was born
To be a loner I know you can’t admit
But I wish you told me from the start

I cherish every moment I spent with you
But it hurts to know you cheated me too
Just so you know I don’t always need to tell you

It explains so much about your
Stuff always with her pics as profile
Am not a model but at least I have a heart , I may not have her decent looks but I loved you truly one day ull understand

I won’t stop loving you always but at least you won’t have to see me , to pity me ,to mock me with her images ,but your happiness matters ,now I leave you though its painful I will swallow .

Amor I wish you guys all the best
My silence doesn’t mean I don’t know
I know and am letting you be with her .you won’t ever know why I left you , I prefer this so you be happy

Even if it means going back to hell
To my ex I will sacrifice my happiness
For you I’d cross the deepest oceans
Watch me prove it to you !!!

We had a lot of fun
When we were together
I’ll never forget
I’ll always remember

The laughs that we shared
The dreams that we had
But those dreams changed
And they left me sad

I know you’ve made up
But I expected you tell me
Now that am sure you still love her
I want to run away from you .

This isn’t healthy for me
I really need to stop
When I think about our past
My heart wants to pop

So as I say my last goodbye
I want you to know
That I’m trying my best
To learn to just let go-


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