When I was born the devil said oh no shit ! Competition !
story is the full story that answers a lot of questions. This story is the truth and only the truth, I warn you now this story is full of the worst of this planet.

I was born July 1988 My mother Betty could not take of me, so she put me through foster homes, until the john’ s family decided to adopt me when I was 4. They were about to adopt me when Brian shot himself in front of me. I was then put back in the foster homes and then I was adopted by the Paul’s when I was 5. Mary my stepmom, didn’t talk and avoided me.

When I was 8 Samson mutahi married Betty , He was 6 foot 7 inches and played basketball. He locked me in the bathroom and only let me out to eat, clean, or when he wanted to hit someone. I went through his abuse for years and I started to blame myself for everything; my mom leaving me, brian shooting himself, for Samson and his beats ,

I started to cut myself and I believed that the world would be better without me. Samson left for Dubai , when I was 11. I met a girl named Reggy we became good friends and then we started friendship . I learnt she was a heavy drinker and also wanted to die. Her parents kicked her when she was 12 and she started drinking to be able to look her life on a different perspective ,she taught me how drink . I started drinking to get over the pain. I couldn’t stand a day without her by me, I was kiked out by the johns at the age of 13 after my primary education ,actually I was the best student at the school I studied ,Betty was jealous of me because her nine kids were not as bright as me and I had to go outside and fight hard for my existence in this cruel world

How I survived is the question ringing in your mind but let me tell you it was the hardest trial , we met again with my best friend Reggy ,at least now we shared one thing in common n that was we were all alone in this world ,I was so confused because despite the harsh treatment I received in the hands of my foster parents at least there I could find shelter , life didn’t turn out as I expected it was the hardest exam I was sitting at . we had to walk kilometers without food and no hope of where we are heading tuu atleast Reggy was sorta used to this life but I assure you for me it felt like the hell had broke loose on me , I remember very well dark had started to fall and we had already walked a day without food and water I silently started to wish the earth would open up and swallow me alive BT wen Reggy looked at me all I could do was to smile n show her am strong I can do this ,she smiled and nodded back to me with promising eyes that everything is going tu be okay . we were looking for a place to spend the night BT who the hell could help us ? Two girls dressed in rags and carrying other stuffs with a bag (gunia) as it was addressed ,we gathered courage n decided we will try our luck ,as we were walking we saw a big mansion and children were playing outside .for the first time I had not seen such a home and questions were running my mind , is this the so called heavens?????


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