He calls me mogoroki 

I understand why now 

Loving him while he doesn’t

Its painful but its reality 

Living a lie but I won’t apologize 

Am the kind of girl who dreams 

The impossible ,the unseen ,the unheard.

Am chaos I know ,he’s my cure 

But that one he can’t see for sure 

I wish you find exit out of my damn mind

Is the words I keep telling myself .

I have learnt no one is worth trust 

The world is full of fake people 

Am dripping honey yet I taste bitter

Lol I thought there is real love 

But that exists in hallucinations I guess

The gods have given me excess in pain lol.

Do I have a choice ? I ask myself 

Nop I don’t ,I take what am given 

Yeah that’s me its the real dark lonely girl .

I forgive you just you know my love for you Amor is real.

I wish after I exit your life ,you search for me in every girl Amor.


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